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Rebranding A Coaching Business

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

When Rebranding a Therapeutic Coaching Business is therapeutic for the Coach.

I founded Tracy Life Wellness, officially in 2017, just as I graduated from my master’s Clinical Mental Health Program. My intentions were to offer an alternative to insurance tampered, DSM stigmatizing, counseling, from counselors who are overworked and tempted to diagnosis for insurance billing purposes.

Most importantly, there is a need to have representation of more counselors that look like me, to service a community and culture that can only be understood by experience. I knew I was to fulfill that need.

I boldly introduced a counseling and coaching service to the community that represented the wisdom and skill set that I have gained over my life experience.

My clients get insights from all my life travels, relationship lessons, trial and errors, and professional and educational acumen to help assist in obtaining wellness in every area of life - Tracy Life Wellness.

Website: Why the New Look?

Why did I decide to change the website's look?

Well, the answer to that is quite easy. I decided to hire a Web Designer and she saw that I desperately needed to rebrand my business!

The attempt at branding my business began with little money and a good friend to help me out. My helpful friend is a brilliant writer and editor, but her expertise was not in branding. Yet, she afforded me the ability to have a functional website that people could go to and book a session.

However, I needed a change that represented my growth with my growing clientele. So, I hired Business and Marketing Coach, Kwajalein Lawton, of CEO Natives Marketing Agency. She totally rebranded my business and gave me a fresh new look to match the current state of my business, "and I love it!"

The process of rebranding allowed me to consider how much has changed in my life in the five years since I founded TLW. In its own therapeutic way, making changes to my website made me stop and think of how I have grown. I review much of what I suggest to my clients through my mental database of the latest scientifically tested counseling techniques. Still, every suggestion and process is first tested on me.

I have learned through so many trials and wins over the last five years, and working with my marketing and branding coach, uncovered these things. I was confident before, but now I am laser-focused on how I can benefit my clients, and it all started with rebranding.

Some Amazing New Features on The Tracy Life Wellness Website Includes:

  • New Look, New Flow!

  • New Rates

  • Membership Groups

  • Member's Portal (All past and future clients, please login to setup your personal profile.)

  • Virtual Sessions

  • New Courses

  • and More to Come

The New Hourly Rates

Adjusting rates also goes hand in hand with rebranding Tracy Life Wellness.

I am pretty aware that I can charge as much as $200 an hour for what I do, and I am also mindful of the value of my services. However, it is more important to me that my clients could see me as much as their individual processes require.

Affordability for my clients is essential. TLW clients range in income levels, and I want everyone to be able to get the clarity and understanding they need. Although more than 40% of my clients go on to increase in their income, after less than five Clarity sessions, for now, my prices stay below the average Coaching/Counseling fee.

How Often Do Clients have to see you before seeing results?

Many of my client’s report implementing a few tools given on their intake with me and realize a change from the first visit! On average, my clients see me initially, 8 times before seeing the type of results needed to taper their visits down to what I call maintenance sessions.

However, depending on the individual's goals, 8 visits may be to tackle one goal; as more needs are uncovered during the sessions, more time may be needed. My goal is not to have my clients depend on me but to present them with the skills required to live a life that suits them.

Stick around friends!

I encourage you to visit the Tracy Life Wellness website and learn about us, what we offer and who we are. And do feel free to contact us for more information!

Please consider subscribing and engaging in discussion around the notion of 'Therapeutic Living' The Blog, which I believe will become more critical than ever.

Thank you for reading, visiting, and helping build a aligned environment focused on wellness!

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Coach Kay
Coach Kay
Apr 11, 2022

I am impressed with your approach on informing your audience on why you decided to rebrand yourself. Many business owners will update their business without including the very people, the consumers, who make their business thrive. It is particularly important to include consumers on the journey and you did just that!

Your visual design, websites, logos, etc., is a part of branding and is considered your Brand Identity. Branding is the way you sell things or service the consumer. Re-branding your business can become a necessary step in growth. When a business owner recognizes that the needs of their consumer base have changed, reconstruction or implementation of the business infrastructure is a key element to service the customer base.


Tametra Tracy
Tametra Tracy
Apr 12, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Coach Kay for taking the time to read and respond. I am so glad you have created your profile! I am excited to build a community of encouragement, learning and growth! You are a welcomed addition indeed. Stay tuned! Thanks Again!

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