You were just on the Verge of a Breakthrough, What happened?

Man attempting to go through open door but is being yanked back in.

Most misunderstandings come from an immediate offense from what someone has said, followed by an unwillingness to hear anymore. I believe that so many have been at the verge of a break thru but that fear of being challenged, rejected,misunderstood or hurt yanked them right back and holds them in the same spot.

In the times when you feel guarded and defensive, ask yourself why. If what you are guarding and defending is solid, there's nothing that can dismount it and there is no reason to withhold it from being tested and tried. Yet if there is a chance that your mental sets are not producing progressive results, wouldn't you want light to expose areas that are dimly lit or do you want to stay in the dark? Is it more important to protect your viewpoint than it is to be open to expanding your perspective?

key of success

Throughout my experience and training, I've learned that when communicating, the steps to effective engagement is to:

Listen for the purpose of understanding,

Ask for clarity and

Seek to adjust to the information and

Apply it to your wealth of knowledge, broadening your understanding.

The Listen, Ask, Seek and Apply approach, prepares the way for a road of less resistance, for all parties involved.

The success of many can be attributed to the ability to adjust to new or fresh perspectives. The ability to add to the existing wealth of knowledge possessed, is what ultimately catapults the individual that much closer to a desired goal or dream.

Success in relationships, business or personal, takes the work of continuous reevaluating and renewing of concepts, assumptions and habits. I encourage you today to see the potential in expansion. Open up and have a yes attitude. See life developing for you and not against you.

The journey is life changing and mind blowing!

Live Well in Every Area of Your Life! Have day of expectancy!

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