Therapeutic Coaching
The insight of a mental health professional fused with the expertise of a Life and Spiritual Centered Coach.
Utilizing cognitive, behavioral and spiritual techniques to assist clients' in producing success in the Personal, Relational and Professional areas of their lives.
The goal of each personalized session is to:

                   Assists in authentic self discovery

                  Affirms Healthy Relationships of all types

                  Align your mind with your spirit 

Assisting Authentic Self Discovery


The Tracy Life Wellness approach, works to bring clients into alignment, mentally, professionally and ultimately spiritually by utilizing their personal strengths and to challenge mental constructs and beliefs that are shown to hinder progress toward personal goals. 

Techniques are eclectic, blending clinical perspectives and methods. This approach uncovers the essence of our clients' authentic self, leading to personal breakthroughs in their Personal and Professional Lives.  Be empowered with the resources you need to tap into your personal power; by applying learned techniques practically in your everyday life. 

Affirming Healthy Relationship of All Types

Tracy Life Wellness services a diverse clientele.  This approach is inclusive and equipped to support the common relational issues that arise when dealing with other unique and growing people.  So rather you are seeking clarity within a marriage, romantic relationship, familial or even business relations, the goal is to support healthy communication and healthy resolutions.

*Specializes in LGBT relations and bridging familial relationships.

Align your mind with your spirit

Align your mind to the strength of your spirit. Many times we have adopted ideas and beliefs that work against our true nature that seeks peace, love and the ease that only a clarity of mind can produce. Align with your spiritual Power.

  • Self Empowerment

  • Relationship Building

  • Professional Coaching






*TLW will take out of town clients with the use of webcam technology and will travel upon special request. Book your appointment today!


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