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A Mental Health Professional and Leadership Consultant

Tametra Tracy, MS CMHP,  a mental health professional, leadership consultant, the owner and operator of Tracy Life Wellness LLC.

Ms. Tracy has 15 years and counting in educating and assisting individuals and groups in producing the most effective results of self-attainment and organizational development.  She specializes in equipping individuals in self-empowerment to find their own authentic voice and power that leads to sustainable health, wealth, and happiness. In addition, Ms. Tracy is an experienced public speaker, college educator and most importantly, a mother to one adult daughter.

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Tracy Life Wellness is absolutely AMAZING! I’ve completed my first session and I’m already off to a great start! I absolutely love her and she’s REAL. Being 22 and deciding counseling I thought “I’m too young for this” but this is actually one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s never too early to better yourself and your mindset! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Thanks for everything! As a guy I always felt it wasn’t necessary or too difficult to open up to someone, Coach T proved me wrong! I love her method and style of counseling. She really listens to you. Her method of scheduling appointments to fit your needs and schedule proves that she is really here to help and not after your money! Any guy going through relationship problems, hardship, confusion, or frustration I highly recommend Coach T! Thank you for slowly pulling me out my comfort zone!!


If you are looking for REAL advice that is ACTIONABLE and relevant to your day to day, Coach T is absolutely who you should connect with. Unlike some other coaching services, I was able to apply her counsel in every area of my life and have seen changes in areas I didn't expect to such as with role elevation at my job, simply because I am working on myself personally with Coach T. Her counseling style helps you get to the the root of the needed change and once you know, you can never be the same. I am thankful every day for her counsel. Coach T is easy to connect with either in person or virtually and you will NOT be disappointed.

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