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"It's A Great Day to Be Aligned and Well!"

"Dear friend, I hope that you are Prospering in every way and are in good health, even as your soul prospers." 
The Apostle John
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Tracy Life Wellness, Therapeutic Coaching and Consulting.
A comprehensive system that supports the total Life of the client! 
 Mind, Body and Soul..
Therapeutic Coaching-The expertise of a mental health professional, with the dedication of a Life Coach!
Utilizing cognitive, behavioral and spiritual techniques to assist you in producing success in the Personal, Relational and Professional areas of your life.
The goal is alignment and restoration in every aspect of your life, being in a place of peace and producing the personal vision for yourself. Your total well-being is our goal. Try us, and imagine your life as having infinite possibilities!
The goal of each personalized session is to:

            Assist  Affirm and Align


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 T. Tracy, The Therapeutic Coach 


A Mental Health Professional and Life and Leadership Coach




Tametra Tracy, MS CMHP,  a mental health professional, life and leadership coach,  the owner and operator of Tracy Life Wellness LLC and the Chief Operating Officer for Neural Divergence, LLC.

Ms. Tracy has 15 years and counting in educating and assisting individuals and groups in producing the most effective results of self-attainment.  She specializes in equipping individuals in self-empowerment to find their own authentic voice and power that leads to sustainable health, wealth, and happiness. In addition, Ms. Tracy is an experienced public speaker, college educator and most importantly, a mother to one adult daughter.


For those who are looking for self-development , TLW is for you. If you are open to the process and willing to do the work, your life will never be the same. No one is perfect" but you can be perfectly YOU if you allow yourself to tap into the excellence that you are made of, I can help with that!

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