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In Honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

Updated: May 22, 2022

The connection between Mental and Physical health.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I want to share some things to be aware of.

Your mental well-being is connected to your physical health. Likewise, your physical health affects your mental health. Being aware of how you feel and what your body is experiencing can be the first line of defense to better health.

Common Mental Illnesses

An alarming amount of common mental illnesses have been correlated to physical ailments and diseases.

For instance, major depression has been linked to a weakened Immune System, Heart Disease, and Autoimmune Diseases. Studies have shown, that people diagnosed with depression have a higher susceptibility to illness and contagious diseases.

High Anxiety Disorders are linked to extreme fatigue, loss of sex drive, high blood pressure, headaches, and upset stomach.

The correlation between mental and physical diseases affects how you relate to others and impacT’s your personal and business relationships.

Trained Clinician

You must find a trained clinician who understands how your mind works, in conjunction with your body.

Make sure to find someone sensitive to every area of your life!

Tracy Life Wellness was created because I, as a Therapeutic Coach, understand that the spirit, mind, and body needs therapeutic alignment. I see my clients as they desire to be, and I hold that vision, until they see it for themselves.

Contact me today for in person or a virtual session.

My desire is to assist you in living life aligned and well!

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