Turgor Pressure

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Best wellness practices, from The Therapeutic Coach, to implement every day

In the plant cell, if the water concentration is more than it is inside of the cell, through osmosis, the cell takes in the amount of water to higher its concentration for balance to take place or equilibrium.

Plant cells have what is called Turgor pressure created if, during osmosis, more water enters the cell and begins to swell. This pressure is key to the growth of that cell, as it causes the cell of the plant to expand and ultimately grow.

Why the brief science lesson on cells? Well, if you ask an actual medical doctor or scientist, they would probably agree that we as humans are just one big compilation of cells.

Stick with me as I switch this to a Philosophical discussion.

SPEAKING FROM experience

I woke up thinking about the past two years and my experiences and the experiences of those I know. I thought when the world's turmoil and craziness seemed to be at an all-time high, the power of Love or of the Divine presence seemed to express itself even more. Regardless of what has been reported, this has been my experience.

Through the decades of Bible study, it is almost impossible that scripture doesn't come to mind when in deep thought (nearly as bad as my use of Color Purple movie lines during a general conversation, but I digress).

Paul, a spokesman for the Christian Faith, found himself (as we all do) dealing with the pressures of his life. These pressures weighed heavy on his heart and mind; these personal struggles impeded his ability to be at peace and be his best self.

Paul prays to be released from his weakness in the Book of Corinthians. He received this answer: "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness."

2 Corinthians 12:7-10. ...

"My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

Paul heard (I suggest not audibly but from an internal voice) that my strength rises when you feel you are weak.

Let's examine that idea from this practical perspective:

In times of heaviest stress, it is documented that the mind and the body have coping mechanisms. For the body, it is called Adrenaline, an automatic response to any occurrence or perceived extreme situation that the brain interprets as a threat.

The term adrenaline rush is often associated with an individual's ability to do insurmountable things in high-stress cases, like lifting a car off a trapped loved one. In "normal" conditions, they wouldn't have been able to do. Still, during the adrenaline rush, the heart responds rapidly to rush blood throughout the body as the brain signals its need for more strength.

The mind is just as sophisticated and responsive to stress and trauma. However, there are created "escapes" the mind uses to cope. These escapes are called defense mechanisms; Intellectualization -removing all emotion or dissociation- detached from one's experience and repression- unconsciously pushing away thoughts to not deal with.

The mind is just a portion of the psyche (from which the word Psychology is derived) which includes the mind and the soul (a culmination of mind, will, and emotions) or spirit. The spirit is an unseen portion of the self that is part of philosophical discussion. Still, within the past decade, quantum physics opened up to the concept and the connection between science and spirituality.

I think what is seen is the outward display of what is not seen, and it speaks of how it all works. I believe this is what Paul was hearing, in part.

let's go back to the cell.

Pressure on the outside of the cell stimulates pressure on the inside to match the pressure on the outside. Through this process, balance or homeostasis is created. Cell growth is supported and can be compared to when Paul states, "in my weakness," we are helped when we are overcome by the pressures of this world.

As a living, breathing organism, an estimated 30 trillion cells amassed for my representation in this world. The unseen force in which I am concentrated pushes back in a way to match the pressure on the outside of me. The ability to balance also utilizes pressure to expand me and allows for my growth. However, this doesn't happen through osmosis.

It is what Paul's example shows us;

As leaders, in our homes, careers, or just simply navigating thru our lives, it is what we turn to in times of pressure that gives us the hope of balance or not.

My focus is an intentional act; it is what determines if my perceived weaknesses and buckling under pressure can be turned around and even used for my good. Focusing on chaos does not give me my strength; my "spiritual infiltration/filtration system" is inward. Turning inward for balance will not be an automatic response, unlike the mind and the body. It will take a concerted effort to first learn personal "best practices" and apply them when the pressures turn on.

Since 2020, life has presented unforeseen pressures never experienced in any of our lifetimes. Do you not want to miss any opportunities to expand and grow?

Here are some best practices to implement everyday

1. Find a practice of belief that resonates with you that helps you focus inwardly.

This is what religion is at its core; man's attempt to express their understanding of the unseen and the practices that helped them align best with it. Don't concern yourself about how religions are judged and how hurtful things has happened in the name of religion over time. This occurs when groupthink takes over, and your beliefs are no longer personally for you. If you don't have a faith or practice that helps you center and bring you back to peace, keep your eyes open; opportunities will present themselves. Yet let me encourage you, the best practices are shaped and formed by you. You don't have to recreate the wheel, but you can definitely add to it to personalize

2. Find yourself with people who refuse to focus on negativity, those who don't arouse your fear.

People who find joy in the mundane, find those people. Until you discover them, find a podcast and or YouTube channels that resonate with you to feed positivity. Broadcasts that speak empowering words and share tips that empower listen to those things. There is a power of words, spoken and heard, be intentional- life and death are tied to it.

3. Monitor what you watch and pay attention to your body's reaction to what you hear and see.

The body responds to beneficial things by way of emotion and muscle release. Pay attention.

Do This: Where ever you are, restrict or tighten up all of your muscles, from your neck down, and hold your breath, do this for a 10-second count, then release... notice how you feel.. that release, that airy appreciation... this is your body responding to what's beneficial, now you're aware of it. Do this practice anytime you want a reminder and or are feeling stressed.

Pay attention to what's stressing you and refocus.

4. Find a Coach, a mentor, mental health, or spiritual provider to support you thru this journey.

As with all things, this person should be a person that is a balance of challenge and reassurance. They must challenge you to grow in areas you've become stagnated but reassure you that you have what it takes to do it.

It is easy and tempting to point the finger at everything happening around us that seems to fail and miss out on the truth of what and who we are. We have been created with such precision and foresight. Even the cells respond to the needs of our bodies without conscious knowledge.

Here is your challenge:

Tune into your strength by realizing how far you have come to make it to this day.

Rejoicing in our resilience and growing in hunger to learn more about how far you personally can expand and grow. Today is an opportunity that you get to do just that!

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