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Tracy Life Sexual Wellness: W.A.P (Adult Content)

Message to men.. keep reading

I was triggered by the song WAP!

Anytime anyone brags on something that you fail at or fail to have, it can possibly trigger the green eyed monster of envy. ( For those of you reading this and are clueless as to what WAP is, W.A.P is a song performed by female rappers, Cardi B and Meg the Stallion, and the titled song acronym stands for

Wet A$$ Pu$$y!) That song taunted me....

Allow me to be transparent: I am considered a middle aged woman, since gracing 40's door; however almost 20 years ago, I underwent an emergency hysterectomy that changed my body drastically and forced me into perimenopause at the age when most young women are just learning and becoming confident in their bodies.

Among the many changes, was my body's reaction to sexual stimulation. Before my surgery, it was clear when I was sexually aroused. My body would respond how most healthy normal functioning female bodies would, it would produce its own lubricant in anticipation of penetrative sexual intercourse. Before the effects of my surgery, I would produce effusively upon each desired touch, word(s) or imagination. I later found out just how necessary it was for my sexual enjoyment to have a WAP!

Painful Intercourse

Although I still produced a satisfactory amount of natural lubrication to make sex enjoyable for my partner, it would be painful for me. After some time during sex, I would get dry and tear. Who wants to have to explain why their bed sheets looked as if a mini murder happened?😱😱😱

I did not have a menstrual period, I at least shouldn't have to explain blood on the sheets! I was finally at the place in life that enjoying sex wasn't the psychological guilt trip I dealt with as a young woman, but now I couldn't physically enjoy my new found sexual freedom! This was a blow to my womanhood. I begin to dread something that is suppose to be pleasurable.

Sexual Dryness and painful intercourse is not only brought on by menopause, but there are several factors that can cause vaginal dryness. Medications, various medical treatments, illnesses and other bodily conditions can cause vaginal dryness. Other factors that can cause pain during sex is, stress, either mental, emotional and physical, (penis, toy size)

For those mental and emotional challenges, can give the support and tools needed to bring you the alignment you seek. I am a trained mental health professional and I utilize my experience and insights to help my clients. However, you should speak to your gynecologists concerning vaginal dryness that you believe is caused by illnesses or other physical conditions.

My Miracle in a Bottle

Honestly, after a while of dealing with my body's changes, my thoughts towards sex was associated with pain and caused a slight depression.

I didn't feel like a vibrant, feisty woman, instead, I began to dread the possibility of sex taking too long (years ago, that would have never been a negative thing) but that was until I found one of the best products!

Just Like Me says it all. It honestly feels just like my natural body's lubricant and most importantly, it doesn't irritate my skin (which is important because I have very sensitive skin).

Just Like Me is a water based lubricant with a unique re-wetting formula.

It only takes about one pump of product for me and I am like a twenty year old again but betta!

If you are experiencing painful intercourse or if you would like some extra lubrication for longer sessions with your partner, I had to share one of the best products I have tested (Just Like Me Original) and approved!

This why I partner with Pure Romance because their products are effective and used by medical professionals!

Buy some and keep it close by!

To my fellas that read this far!

Thank you Sir, I will always add a nugget to help you get more pleasurable and fulfilling sex!

*It's a good thing to have lubricant handy. Sex should be enjoyable for both partners. Whether you are single or have a spouse, the woman in your life would appreciate this addition.

I have a similar product for anal sex called Booty Eaze: Remember sex should be enjoyable!

Click link to purchase:

All purchases are discreet and are shipped discreetly- (know one knows unless they purchase from Pure Romance as well! 😉)

So the moral of my story is, being triggered can present two options:

  1. You can wallow and get mad a bitter and remain the same or

  2. You can acknowledge, and determine the steps needed to change your situation.

What you think I decide? That's right, no more W.A.P hate for me! I am flowing just fine now!


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